Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Binary Gender, it's a problem

I know I've only just posted my piece about gender but I failed to mention something else I think is important. Here in the UK, as a society we only recognise two genders: male and female. Everything about our society enforces the idea of binary gender. Which is a problem because not everyone fits into those two categories.

Yeah, that's right. Not everybody feels comfortable or happy living their life as either a man or a woman. Some people don't identify that way. Maybe they feel like a mixture of both male and female, maybe they just don't feel like either. Maybe they do identify as male or female, but don't conform to current social expectations of either. 

It turns out it's a complicated issue. Personally, I hate binary gender. It leads to and enforces the idea of gender roles. Women as one thing and men as another. It doesn't allow for individual differences and preferences. It makes it harder to do something which isn't considered normal or appropriate for your perceived gender. 

I'm talking about things like men being home makers and stay at home dad's, or women working in male dominated industries. 

I'd write more but I'm tired and worn out and I've been writing on other projects already today. So I'll leave this here for now. Mostly I wanted to acknowledge that not everybody falls into the neat little categories of male or female, and a society which fails to recognise or accept that is problematic.

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